Ben Smith
Founder & Web Developer

Ben is a front end web developer with a passion for anything WordPress.

Ben immersed himself into the web industry over the last 6 years and has since had the privilege of working and building great relationships with businesses across Australia and overseas.

He's focused on producing high quality work and ensuring only the best for The Web Smith's clients.

Aden Myles
UI & UX Designer

Aden is a passionate designer who always has the client's interests front and center.

Aden's focus is on creating clean and simple brands that are full of purpose, character and meaning.

He understands that the web is packed full of quick cheap and nasty solutions, and that the only way to differentiate yourself in this ultra competitive market is with excellence in creativity and design.

Caroline Gammage
Content Writer & Co-ordinator

Primarily responsible for producing content on web pages and ensuring usability and accuracy.

A highly skilled communications specialist with 20+ years marketing experience, Caroline works with clients bringing together the elements of the website.

Understanding clients demographics and characteristics and developing material that is relevant for their market.